Quarterly report for Summer

As predicted, with an ease into the calendar year in January, February has turned out to be a busy month. The proof is in the pudding: properties will still sell without advertising. Integrity continues to sell premier properties for high results on the private market in Kinglake and Kinglake West—the last three sales Integrity made in Kinglake and Kinglake West all sold above reserve without advertising. That being said, exposure is always the key to a strong result, so vendors should consider paid advertising to be a short-term cost for a long-term gain. In the world of Council regulations, owners of acreage properties (between 5 and 100 acres) in the Farming Zone should be aware that lending on acreage is becoming more difficult. This is a combination of restrictions on banks, and intensified planning regulations from Council.
If you own acreage in the Farming Zone, it is advised that you look into securing a planning permit before selling. Not only will this increase the value of your property, but it will make the sale of your property a lot easier. Tip: most lenders will not approve loans on acreage properties without planning permits. Unfortunately, there is a perception that real estate can be a simple profession. However, we live in a unique regional area that requires a specialized set of skills and a highly qualified real estate agent to understand and work through the constant changes in law, market fluctuations, and local demographic changes. This is why Integrity Real Estate provides three fully licensed estate agents and three agents representatives. There is a lot more to selling real estate than simply marketing and presenting property. You should place your trust in an agent who will be able to deal with issues if they arise during and after the process. There is a lot to know about Council regulations and finance that only a professional is best equipped to handle. For the best advice, and consistent service right up to settlement, make sure you are choosing the most professional agent. For any questions regarding planning changes or how your property would fare in the current market, speak to one of our sales agents at 5786 2033.