Selling with Integrity

When you decide to sell your property, placing trust in an agent with integrity is crucial. After all your home may be your most valuable asset.

Sometimes vendors spend thousands of dollars, which large real estate companies use to promote themselves as much as the properties they’re selling.

Logos and personal profiles may consume 20% of the fee vendors pay. But not at Integrity Real Estate! Advertising in print media may be necessary to sell your property, but in many cases it is superfluous in a buoyant market. The internet is a more powerful, efficient tool to reach a wider market and currently most buyers first point of contact.

The bottom line is to get the BEST RESULT possible. Isn’t that what every seller wants? When you contact us for a free market appraisal you will receive professional advice and an information pack that gives you an insight into the Integrity Real Estate experience.




Things to Consider

Selling your home can be a very simple process, but it can also be a very stressful one.

Here are just a couple of questions you need to take into consideration:

• What’s the current state of the local market?

• What is my property really worth?

• How should I prepare my home?

• How do I coordinate the sale with the purchase of my new home?

• How will my property be marketed?

• How important is photography?

• What is a Vendor’s Statement (Section 32)?