Spring is in the Air at Integrity Real Estate

August 7, 2015


The Magnolias are in bloom, Spring  is in the air!! The scent of blossoms on the breeze is refreshing and such an exciting time to stand back, look at your home, restore and repair. If you’re thinking of selling, Spring is a great time to revamp and entice the keen buyer.

One of the key elements is to de-clutter!! With Spring comes spring cleaning, and what better a time to open the windows, let in the light and breeze to freshen your home.    If your belongings are gathering dust, pack them away and create some clean lines and space within your home. Let it breath. Try  moving furniture around to open up living zones and create clean passageways through your home.

A fresh coat of paint is the cheapest and easiest way to re-create your interior. Keep your colours matte, light and neutral as these tones add life and space to an area. This is  also appealing to prospective purchasers and will help encourage vision and potential.

If you like a little boldness, you can simply add patterns, texture and colour through enhancing your  couch out with cushions or throws.   Tasteful artworks can add a little pizzazz to a dull space as well, just don’t go overboard.

Pull down those heavy drapes and  let in the light, not only does this eliminate dust but opens a home    up to natural light and warmth, creating a fresh and spacious environment to live in.

Fresh flowers are a welcoming touch to your interior. Not only do they add a hint of colour, but release the glorious scent of spring to your abode, bringing the outdoors in, creating a fresh atmosphere.

Make a list of all of those little jobs that you have been putting aside, so that you can get your home into tip-top condition, a Spring resolution of sorts. Minor touch-ups and a little effort add to the atmosphere of a home and are often what achieves a successful sale.

If the budget allows, uplifting the carpet can be most beneficial, promoting cleanliness, sharpening and adding new life to your home.

Externally, garden maintenance can be just as important as internal renovations. Spring promotes colour, and is the perfect time to brighten the lawn and add some floral appeal. Adding bark mulch to eliminate overgrowth and planting shrubs can be most inviting.

Mowing, weeding, trimming and edging along gardens and walkways is a facelift worth doing. Create your own oasis. The barbeque season is here, where we move outdoors. It is time to repaint the deck and revamp your gardens.

With only three weeks to go before Spring is upon us, now is a great time to start planning your to-do list!

The team at Integrity wishes you all the best for the remainder of the Winter season.