Through the Eyes of a New Resident in Yarra Glen

March 18, 2015


Are you thinking of moving to Yarra Glen?  As a new resident of Yarra Glen, here are some reasons why I think it is a good move…

My family moved to Yarra Glen three years ago, and to be honest, it already feels like home.  The reason for this is probably because I have a very social 4 year old daughter, who  is a little cute and who likes to chat to everybody.  She has made our job of getting to know people much easier.   As new parents and moving to Yarra Glen, we knew nobody, but it didn’t take long to get to know the residents.  We were wrapped to discover that our new neighborhood were warm and welcoming.

As a new mum I hit the pavements around Yarra Glen walking my daughter in her   pram and found it so refreshing to pass all of the other parents and families doing the same.  Motherhood is a wonderful thing but it can be isolating at times, especially when you move to a new town, but with Yarra Glen, this was not the case.  People don’t seem to mind that your toddler chases their cat through their yard, or picks their flowers from their front garden every day.

Within moments of moving into our new home, our neighbours knocked on our door with a cake and kindly introduced themselves.  Our other lovely neighbour always stops to chat when doing her gardening over the back fence and passes us lemons and plants for our garden.  We now call her ‘Nanna Norma’ and my daughter just adores her.  We feel like we have family around us and people we can trust.

Yarra Glen is a lovely blend of old and young, historic and modern, and a township that really makes you feel a part of it.  Within weeks of moving to Yarra Glen, we knew the gentleman in the paper shop because he always gave my daughter a little gift and because of this she liked to visit him often! The lovely couple in the post office who always greeted us with a smile, and the staff at The Grand who always give my daughter a jelly cup which is a big moment for her!  The gorgeous ladies at the Early Learning Centre have really adopted my daughter and our family, and make our lives so much easier knowing that she is in their hands when we are at work.  They made the time to get to really know us, and understand how our family unit works.  We are not a number in Yarra Glen and it is so refreshing.

Yarra Glen has heart and warmth, and people still say ‘hello’.  A town so lucky to have the best of two worlds, fresh country air and lifestyle, yet close to all that Melbourne has to offer.  As a new family to Yarra Glen with our immediate family hours away, I didn’t get so homesick, as I did before moving here.  I felt comfortable.

Yarra Glen has lots to do for all age groups. Some of which include an amazing local park, tennis courts, bowling green, walking tracks, restaurants and cafes, wineries, coffee shops, bakeries and boutique shops that make every day feel as though you have escaped the hustle. Yarra Glen is relaxed yet forward thinking.

If you are considering moving to Yarra Glen to take in the glorious views and relaxed lifestyle, I hope this helps your decision.

From Loren at Integrity Real Estate.