Winter is on our Doorstep!

Create a home that you will love to walk into in Winter

A few alterations to your home will allow you to create your own cozy haven to return home to each day.  Firstly, focus on your heating solutions, and be mindful of the extra expenses and ways to avoid these in the cooler months.  It is very important to stop heat escaping your home, block those pesky drafts, close a few doors and capture the heat to create a path for it  to travel to the corners of your home in which you mainly reside.

Heating your home can be costly, and there are a few things you can do to keep your bills down.  If you have a wood-burning fire, avoid the expense of the dryer and hang your clothes in front of the fire instead.  Put the reliable door snakes across the base of your doors to prevent the drafts creeping in.

Add Colour

Colour and mood are two very important factors in Winter, and have a huge impact on one’s frame of mind.  If your home décor is dressed in cool tones, this can add to the Winter chill factor, and create a cold home.  Warm it up with a vibrant feature wall, or furnishings to soften some of the harshness of Winter.  Not only is it a nice change for your home, but is bound to cheer you up this Winter!  A lovely warm red will add to the ambience of your home and help you to escape your Winter setting when indoors.

Rugs and throws are a wonderful addition to your home during the colder months, not only are they a cozy friend to cling to, but another way to add colour.  They are an impermanent way of brightening up sofas and chairs as well as adding a welcoming touch to your abode.

Although the leaves have fallen from the trees outside, this does not mean they have to inside.  Indoor plants add lovely colour to one’s home and help you to escape the starkness of the season by surrounding yourself with some foliage.  Create your own oasis!

Keep Moving

Winter can be the lazy month for us all, tempting ourselves into hot pastries, take away food, movie days and general couch potato activity. Not great for the waste line, or circulation!  Exercise is not only good for you, but helps you stay warmer in the cooler months and improves your overall demeanor.

Exercise indoors can be just as effective, whether it be with a Wii machine or exercise video, cross trainer or exercise bike.  You’ll be surprised how warm you get once you get moving. Not only will you feel great, but look great come Summer!

Let there be light

Let in the natural light!  On sunny days, open curtains and blinds to let in as much light as possible.  Replacing heavy curtains with a lighter or see-through material helps to let in more light during the day and keeps in the heat at night.  Dull days doesn’t mean a dull home!

Invest in a good pair of ugg boots

Rug up! Layers are good, if you ever need an excuse to where a track suit this is your moment!  But it isn’t all about that old baggy shirt you’ve worn for years, now may be a great time to invest in some new winter fashion!

Whether it be surviving Winters chill, improving the home, or getting out there and keeping fit, let Winter be an active month for you and your family. So get busy and have fun!