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Kinglake Profile

Integrity Real Estate is your local neighbourhood agent. A truly personalised professional service comes with an understanding of a community and its people. From sales, to property management, and administration, the team at Integrity provide Excellence in Service to all clients with a passion to see Kinglake grow and prosper. 
The Kinglake community coined the term ‘almost a local’, with a pride in the area, the people, and its history. Still to this day we have long standing families with a rich history in the area, some with streets named after them. The community here is close, valuing friendship, mateship, and trust. Small towns talk, and word of mouth is a very powerful advertising medium, something money can’t buy. Integrity understood the needs of this community and a desire to move forward.
Years later, deciding after the huge success in the region, to establish the Integrity Real Estate Kinglake office, right next to the United Petrol Station, further cementing local presence and dedication to servicing the area and the community.
Kinglake, comprising forest, farmland, a national park and a township, is located 57 km north east of Melbourne, in the Kinglake Ranges, part of the Great Dividing Range. The Kinglake Ranges vary in height from 525 m - 610 m above sea level. Many areas of Kinglake overlook the Melbourne skyline to the south west and the Yarra Valley wineries to the south. Kinglake is generally 3 °C colder than Metropolitan Melbourne, with the summers being very pleasant and heavy frosts and occasional snowfalls during winter.
Kinglake National Park is a popular local attraction and is the closest national park to Melbourne. It has walking tracks for day hikes and camping grounds for overnight stays. Several popular and beautiful picnic areas are available around the perimeter of the national park.
The Kinglake Ranges is comprised of the townships of Toolangi, Castella, Kinglake, Kinglake Central, Pheasant Creek, Kinglake West, Hazeldene Flowerdale, and surrounds. It is a diverse community spanning 30 kilometres. The Kinglake Ranges has traditionally been a farming community, as well as an enclave for artistic groups, being home to many painters, sculpters, craftspeople, writers, and performers.